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“Rene is by far the most motivating personal trainer I ever worked with. She gives a real one on one approach with her clients and gives you so much personal attention. She is involved in every aspect from your nutrition to how many hours of sleep you get at night! She customizes a work out and plan for you and really pushes you to the next level. You share your goals with her and she keeps you 100% on track. I lost 10lbs and 6% body fat working out with Rene! Her energy and positive attitude is contagious! I would highly recommend Rene!!.”

Cindy M.

"Rene has been my trainer for just over 5 years. Her knowledge, commitment,compassion helped me to lose 100 lbs. I would quite literally not be tbe person I am today without her. I had a major surgery 3 years ago along with some injuries and gained back 25 lbs. Rene has never quit on me and continues to push me to lose that weight. Her commitment to me has never waivered. At 56 years old I am doing 5 ks, half marathons and tri-relays. Six years ago I would have never believe that possible. I love her!!”

Debbie W.

“I never thought I'd be 39 years old, with 2 kids and training for Half Marathons!  She helped me with the week by week training schedule and even told me what days to rest and why that is SO important! Rene' has inspired me so much in the two and a half years she has trained me! I found her through a friend when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. She trained me through my pregnancy and helped me lose ALL the baby weight and more!! She inspired me to reach my goals and set bigger ones
! Next on my horizon is a mini-tri! I have loved the extra personal touch she gives her clients... usually a check in text, "How was the long run", or "Did you make it to spin class"! I love Rene' and her energy and positivity is simply refreshing!”

Julie K.

“Rene is the most motivating personal fitness trainer I have worked with. Her energy and effort extend well beyond the time of your session. I can't tell you how helpful a simple call or text message from her asking "How was the gym/bike ride/run, etc.?" or "How was food today" can be. She also takes the time to interpret and understand what your goals are. I think a lot of fitness professionals have an image of what they want for their clients regardless of what their client really wants/needs. Rene took the time to understand where my strengths and weakness were in the sports I do (primarily 
swimming,surfing,cycling, & snowboarding) and took that into account. She realized that some of my muscle groups which were stronger than others were causing muscle imbalances and tightness, all of which she worked into my program. I can't recommend enough that ANYBODY call her and begin training for whatever goals they have. I gained not just fitness, but also mental strength that translated into healthier work and life habits. Oh yeah, I lost about 20 lbs as well. Thanks Rene!.”

Gabe C.

“Rene is the best! I have had trainers in the past and no one compares to her. My workouts are always different and she keeps it fun. I almost don't know how hard I'm working! Rene also gives great nutrition tips which keep me on track.I saw results almost immediately and always look forward to my session. Thank you!”

Erin S.

“I can’t believe how much I look forward to your Sunday Boot Camp! The people are warm and friendly, and you have found the perfect balance between working hard and having fun. Best of all, I can see the results already --- my energy level is up and my waist size is down. You are the best!”

Ken A.

“I look forward to boot camp every week! Rene is fun, inspiring and provides a wonderful variety of exercises. I would like to sign up for a lifetime membership :)”

Patti A.

“Rene, Awesome workout this AM. Elise and I love leaving our workouts, the 530am wake up, we could do without! But, it's the best way to start a day. I have always been a weight lifter and the transformation I feel from not doing heavy weights and focusing on core, stability, and body weight exercises, has made me feel leaner, taller and in just 6 weeks, my pants are looser and I have tightened one belt notch! Thanks a million, we love it!”

Dave N.

"Rene' has had a huge impact on my life and in just over 6 months has transformed me inside and out. I have always been athletic and Rene' helped me rekindle my love of being active. I have never been a runner but Rene' helped me train for, and complete, my first half marathon. I never would have thought I could accomplish such a feat. Now I am doing the Rock 'n Roll half marathon in June.
I used to dread working out but now I look forward to it and consider it an essential part of my life. Rene' is an amazing trainer and support system. I feel healthier and look better than I did in my 20's. Rene' takes her job very seriously and researches all the latest information on health and fitness. I trust her and have an amazing new friend and focus. Thanks Rene'!"

Julie D.

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